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Finding the Best Corpus Christi Family Law Attorney

At some point, most people will require the services of a legal professional, whether it’s regarding criminal law, family law, civil litigation, or estate and probate matters. However, family law matters are among the most delicate, and require substantial attention to detail and compassion to get you through those difficult and uncertain times. When it comes to finding a good Corpus Christi Family Law Attorney, you need to look for an attorney that will provide skilled, prompt, and diligent representation. Since family law matters are among the most personal, you will need to choose an attorney that you feel most comfortable with, especially in the event that your case needs to go to trial. Finding the best fit for an attorney-client relationship is of the utmost importance.

How does it all work?



Talk with a family law attorney. I listen and work to understand you.


Once I understand you and your unique situation I work with my team to put together the best legal strategy to get what you want.


If I can't settle the case out of court I go to battle for you. Our whole focus is getting what you need to allow you to move on.

Choosing a Corpus Christi Family Law Attorney You can Trust

Get references from any prospective Corpus Christi Family Law Attorney. It might seem inappropriate to question any Family Law Attorney's qualifications but any reputable Corpus Christi Family Law Attorney will understand and happily offer you references. If a Family Law Attorney seems offended, angry that you would question his ability, or in any way tries to intimidate you out of asking for references, he is obviously a Corpus Christi Family Law Attorney you do not want to hire.

It's not difficult to find a Corpus Christi Family Law Attorney. It may take a little work to find a good Corpus Christi Family Law Attorney. Finding a good Corpus Christi Family Law Attorney that is familiar and experienced with your type of case and is someone you trust implicitly may be no easy feat. Remember that Family Law Attorneys are often literally entrusted with the lives of their clients. Hopefully you will never find yourself in this situation, but no matter your reason for needing a Corpus Christi Family Law Attorney, keep in mind that dedication and trust should be paramount in your decision.

What Clients Say

  • "Did research and prayed for a good hearted lawyer who understands and truly wants to help!! She helped stand behind me and helped all the way. I will always be thankful for her genuine help! Definitely recommended if you're seeking someone strong and solid!! "
    - Jennifer
  • "Lindsay represented me in a very difficult custody issue and was very strong, fair and supportive. I was well represented and protected and do not feel results would have been the same with someone else...speaking from experience. She definitely had my best interest in mind always and was not afraid to fight for my situation. She will always be my first choice should I ever need representation again."
    - Lucas
  • "Lindsay made the legal process as comfortable as possible. She was very prompt, understanding, and knowledgable. She was able to explain the legal terms in a manner which I could relate and understand which was very helpful with our case. "
    - anonymous
  • "Both Ms Browne and Ms Emerson handled every aspect of my case with compassion and understanding. It is a very scary place to be and a difficult topic to handle but they helped me through the divorce and custody with respect. I recommend that if you are in need of a family lawyer that you contact them first and see what a wonderful job they will do for you. "
    - Dave
  • "Lindsay represented me for 2 years while I endured a challenging case involving my 5 children. And when I say challenging I mean dealing with a narcissist, who at one point represented himself. From day one Lindsay was astounding. She is easy to approach, honest and above all she has great wisdom in Family Law. I am proud to recommend her legal services to anyone. We recently won our last and final case. No one wins in divorce... "
    - Michelleannholt
  • "I received a prompt precise answer and have already called & scheduled an appointment. I have already received an information packet to complete prior to appointment."
    - Deborah Heider
  • "Lindsay emailed us back and forth, for a period of about 3 months... We would ask questions and she would answer them and we had not paid her a dime. Finally about a year later we were able to pay her and move forward with our case... We have never met Lindsay; only email and phone conversations between us since this case started. We live out of state but my husband's children lived in Texas. We hired Lindsay to modify the current Texas order to reflect that the children had moved out of Texas (as requested by their mother) and to stop child support from being taken from my husband's checks. This case was miserable but Lindsay did it. She was able to get the order signed quickly. Then she rushed things (as fast as they can go) through the AG's office and even has helped enforce the new order for the return of support payments. We could have not asked for a better, more professional attorney. She is attentive, knowledgeable, caring and kind. The children and happy, healthy and thriving here, with us, where they belong. Many, Many Thanks to Lindsay!! She is truly amazing. She will treat you with dignity and respect and help you through your process."
    - anonymous
  • "Lindsay represented me for custody of my son. It was an uphill battle but Lindsay never gave up, even when I wanted too. She was always available to talk and help ease my mind when I couldn't cope anymore. I'm very happy with the results and I wouldn't think twice about using her again. Very professional. Very attentive to detail. And most of all, very involved in the case; both emotionally and professionally. Lindsay has a way of making you (the client) feel as if you are her only client. And that is a priceless feeling of security during the hard times. Thank you very much Lindsay....your time and dedication is appreciated and it will never be forgotten."
    - Gary
  • "Mrs. Browne helped us this year with a termination of parental rights and adoption case. I've dealt with other attorneys before and I was reluctant to pay another attorney thousands of dollars and not have any effort made on my behalf! Lindsay if an exception! Her services are WELL worth her hourly rate! I pray I never need her services again but if I do, I will without a doubt be calling her! Thank you Lindsay Browne for being an exceptional attorney and truly taking care of your clients!"
    - Ann Marie
  • "Lindsay is an incredible attorney who helped us through our darkest hours. She is on top of everything and kept us informed of every little detail. If we needed her, she was there. We never felt rushed in meeting with her and we always felt like we were important and never a bother. She cares about her cases, she cares about her clients. She will do what it takes to get the job done. Thank you Lindsay for all you have done for our family! You will forever have our recommendation to all who need a wonderful family attorney."
    - Debra
  • "Ms. Browne was able to create a simple will for an aging family member in a VERY short period of time with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. We were on a short vacation from California, and it was two days before our return when my mother decided it was time to make her will. Rather than wait another year for our return to get things started, I made a few cold calls to attorneys from Google. Ms. Browne was the only lawyer to return my call and how fortunate for us that she did. Despite the intimidating time constraint, we were made to feel well cared for by her efficiency and thoroughness. I would highly recommend Ms. Browne whether one is in a hurry or not."
    - John
  • "Lindsay Browne was a huge help in settling my case quickly and always putting my best interests first. She went above and beyond what was required of her services and made sure the settlement would benefit me in the long run. Her fees are very reasonable and even though I live in Houston she was still able to represent me. I highly recommend Mrs. Browne to anyone going through a divorce."
    - Ernesto
  • "Lindsay M. Browne is a very professional and caring person. She has been most honorable. I recommend her for anyone going thru a divorce with dependents."
    - Brandon
  • "She welcomed me into her office and listened to every word I said. She took notes, asked questions, and was extremely considerate of my needs. Even though I was in the worst shape and felt down about the divorce process, this caring person actually made me feel like there was hope again. I will use her services from now on and will no longer have fear about who to turn to when I need legal advice. If I had the money, she would be on my retainer 24/7. No worries, no fears, Lindsay is here! :)"
    - Terry
  • "Lindsay was always there to answer questions and went above and beyond to help with my case. She considers every client equally important and is very reasonable with fees. I wholeheartedly recommend her!"
    - anonymous
  • "Lindsay is very professional, organized, and detail oriented. She did a fantastic job and we couldn't be more pleased with our experience."
    - Kathryn
  • "Mrs. Browne represented my child in a serious custody case where facts were being misrepresented by individuals attempting to remove my child from my custody, tear my family apart & ruin my career & livelihood in the process. At my attorneys request, Mrs.Lindsay Browne took the time to look into the case herself with great detail, collected All the facts and firmly presented a case in my child's best interest, as a result my little one is now safely home where she belongs and my career is back on track. Lindsay Browne is truly a professional seeking truth and justice."
    - Norma
  • "Mrs. Browne helped me through the hardest time in my life and got me through it. Divorces are never fun but it feels so good to have someone looking out for your best interest"
    - anonymous
  • "Lindsay was on top of everything from day one....Thank you again"
    - anonymous
  • "Great Lawyer very understanding tells you straight up how much things will be so you dont have hidden costs like some lawyers. Very good on handling all paperwork always on time and always prepared."
    - Harold
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